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“Excellent and consistent customer service is every business’ key to success.”


To develop awareness about the importance of service and to create service skills for the delivery of consistent and excellent customer service and provides employees with behaviour guidelines, standards, and service processes to build customer loyalty.


Service Excellence

*6 hour workshop – Textbook and lunch included*

$175/ each      5 to 15 participants

$150/ each     16 participants or more


Also in this series

  • Sales Excellence Series

  • Accessible Service Excellence

  • Service Excellence for Diverse Cultures

  • Coaching for Excellence

  • Leadership Excellence

  • Maximizing Team Diversity

  • Employability Skills Training

  • Workplace Culture and Communications Training


*3 hour workshop – Textbook included *


$100/each     5 to 15 participants

$80/ each     16  to 30 participants



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