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About us

Created in 2012, Fajo Solutions is a two-tiered enterprise offering translation and vocational rehabilitation services. You’re probably asking yourself how these services come together, well, the answer is simple; our Founder and Chief Executive Officer is both a certified translator and vocational rehabilitation professional. Combining the two services just seemed natural.

Our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fanny Joanisse-Benoit, is the daughter of entrepreneurial parents, and quickly learned the importance of not only being bilingual, but mastering both languages. Furthermore, effective communication, reliability, professionalism and discretion are essential skills in a successful business environment. Her motto is:  “under promise and over deliver”; know your client’s needs and expectations in order to provide outstanding service every time.

The thirst for knowledge and the desire to improve, are qualities that describe her to a tee. Her experience as an entrepreneur, a coordinator and employment counsellor have allowed her to understand the importance of developing excellent interpersonal relationships with clients and coworkers, as well as have good organizational, planning and managerial skills in order to get the job done promptly and effectively within set timelines.

Fanny Joanisse-Benoit

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Laurentian University
Bachelor in Translation, Laurentian University

Professional affiliations
Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario
College of Professional Rehabilitation Professionals

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